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model release

    Vienna, 27.09.2023

    “AD HOC-Contributor-RELEASE“
    for visual- and/ or auditory material


    to the

    Wiener Tourismusverband
    Invalidenstrasse 6, 1030 Vienna, Austria
    from hereinafter referred to as “WTV“,

    as follows:

    Whenever terms in this agreement designating natural persons are used, they
    refer to all genders equally.

    1. The Ad Hoc-Contributor hereby irrevocably transfers WTV all present and future rights to his visual and auditory material; this shall apply exclusively and unrestricted in terms of time, place, and subject-matter. This includes the right of use for any form of advertisement and merchandising and the transfer of use to third parties both for payment and free of charge. Thus, WTV may, in particular, use the visual material in the area of social media such as, e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Cinemagraphs etc. – in particular any future media and technology) under the terms and conditions stated there and the like or to use otherwise on the internet in line with the possible uses relating thereto, on which WTV has no influence. The Ad-Hoc-Contributor agrees that his visual and/or auditory material may be used differently from the original version, such as, e.g., in outtakes, photomontages, altered with the aid of photographic technology, colored or in black-and-white.
    2. The Ad Hoc-Contributor agrees that the visual and/or auditory material may be used without indicating his name. WTV, in any case, has the right to name the Ad Hoc-Contributor.
    3. The Ad Hoc-Contributor is not entitled to any payment or compensation.